Looking Back Across the Water – Talking Heads Video- Actresses Required

Earlier this year we asked people to send us performance monologues which reflected the thought and feelings of Irish people who had made a home in Great Britain in the past 100 years.

We are about to begin work filming these monologues. We require actors with a playing age of 20-25 and 16-20.


Applications are particularly welcome from actors based in London, who are Irish or have an Irish heritage.

Characters- Playing age 20-25
1. A young Northern Irish girl whose husband joined the RAF and who has just found out that he has been taken prisoner.
2. A young Irish girl who landed in Liverpool on VE day 1945 and who has come to England to train as a nurse.
3. A young Irish girl who has a scare at Euston station in London when she arrives in England to do her nurses training.

If you are interested please record the following piece on your cell phone and send it to Please only send audio tapes.

Audition Piece to be delivered in an Irish accent.

“They’d all warned me, London was a different place from home. Not everyone who seemed friendly was going to be worth trusting. You see I’d only known the small town I grew up in, where everyone knew everyone else. We’d all gone to the same school, saw each other at mass on Sunday, shopped in Allen’s shop. I knew who to trust and who to avoid. There weren’t many who’d be a bother to anyone.

Leaving home had been hard. I’d watched lots like me set off and wave goodbye, off to England to rebuild it after the war – looking for new lives, new opportunities. Now, here I was, one of them. I’d be starting my training as a nurse at the end of the week, but here in the busy station, trying to find my way to my new home, I wasn’t so sure about things.”

Characters- Playing age 16-20

1. A sixteen year old girl who is looking for love at the St Patrick’s Day parade in Birmingham. English accent
2. A sixteen year old girl, living in London can’t understand why her parents won’t let her go to certain parties.. English accent

If you are interested please record the following piece on your cell phone and send it to Please only send audio tapes.

Audition Piece to be delivered in an English accent.

“We go back to The Dubliner bar, I want to check if he is there. I look around at them all, my friends are those ‘plastics’, second generation, unlike me, a first. We moved to Birmingham when I was four. The only remnant of Belfast I have, are my confusing vowels, competing with the overpowering Brummy twang.
‘Hey gorgeous.’
Oh God. That deep voice, I can feel prickly heat on my face as I blush. Liam Maguire. The music is blaring and I put down my third lager top. We hold hands. He has sweaty palms, or is it mine? My legs are shaking as he leans towards me. Electric. We go outside and he smiles at me in a crooked sort of way. He leans in, I have a sharp intake of breath. I feel like I am going to faint. His hand touches my hair. He tastes sweet, his plump lips caressing mine. It is so awkward at first, but then so… perfect.”

Filming will take place in Camden, London over the weekend on 10th/ 11th July 2021. We anticipate that each recording should take no longer than an hour. We will rehearse over the Zoom platform in the preceding weeks. Actors will be paid a fee of £25.

The first Zoom meeting would be for us to go through the piece together before you learn it. I can tell you what I need from the piece and we can share ideas about how to achieve that.

The second Zoom meeting will be in the week before filming so we are as ready as we can be for when we film the pieces.

There will be a timetable so that people need only attend for when they are needed for the filming. Each piece takes about 5 minutes to perform and I have allocated an hour to film each piece which should give us ample time to work out any movements on stage.