A Tragic Carmody by Brian Whelan

In his first play celebrated contemporary artist Brian Whelan tells the true story of his collaboration with the late artist Danny Carmody as they attempt to stage an exhibition of London Irish art . Danny, a builder, was a self-taught artist who believed in painting big. His works were the size of a small carpet and reflected the ‘rawness and soreness’ of his life. Brian never doubted the talent of his friend, but how will the artistic world and his own London Irish community respond to his work?

Kieran and Sharon

Kieran Moriarty and Sharon Wymark




Meg and Kieran

Meg Bennett and Kieran Moriarty





Meg, Sharon and Kieran

Meg Bennett, Sharon Wymark and Kieran Moriarty





Kieran and JohnJohn Glynn and Kieran Moriarty





Kieran, Meg and Terry

Kieran Moriarty, Meg Bennett and Terry Iland





Kieran and Terry

Kieran Moriarty and Terry Iland






Terry Iland and John Glynn