Keeping the Story on the Front Page

Terence MacSwiney was an Irish playwright, author and politician. He was elected as Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Cork during the Irish War of Independence in 1920.  He was arrested by the British Government on charges of sedition on August 12th 1920 and imprisoned in Brixton Prison.

Terence  immediately began a hunger strike in protest at what he believed were unjust charges.

Muriel his wife with sister in laws:, Mary and Annie MacSwiney writing letters in support of his cause.

Terence’s family assisted by Art O’Brien of the Irish Self Determination League in London began a press campaign that  brought him and the Irish Republican campaign to international attention.





These contrasting editorials from the Times of London  show how a softening of attitudes towards the MacSwiney’s plight had begun.


Times 22nd August 1920










Times 29th August 1920