Lockdown 2020

These are some of the entries to the competition that we recorded. Click here to see who won and to listen to a compilation of other pieces.
The Fiddle by Ryan Shirlow
A father finds  comfort and companionship during the lockdown by learning  to play a fiddle left behind by one of his children.
Sinead by Rosemarie Clerkin
A homeless young woman tells of her experience of the Lockdown from the comfort of a five star hotel
Gonzaga by Nora Connolly
Chat and memories of holidays in Connemara leads to an Italian saint with connections to an earlier plague.
 Contact Lenses by Lavinia Murray
The tragic implications of inserting a contact lenses are explored in this piece.



All That Matters by Daniel Kearney
When you lose someone you love, the days that follow are awful.


The Laptop by Eithne Cullen
Can a new laptop help this newly widowed  lady?
On the Shoulders of One Another We Live by Anne Curtis
An old saying provides useful advice in the lockdown,


Easter Dinner by David Keenan
Did you get home from Easter? Here’s a story of one lad who had to spend the holiday away from his family?
Something Found by Michael O’Sullivan
Does the crisis make you nervous? It does this lady in Stoke Newington
Woman at the Window by Nora Connolly
The lockdown may have stopped us visiting old friends but memories still remain as this visit to an old friend in Docklands shows.
Delores by Jules Garvey Welch
Loneliness during the lockdown is nothing new to Delores who has spent much of her life looking out of the window.
A London Irish Corona by Ethel Corduff
This London Irish pensioner is very upset by the way in which the Lockdown is affecting her life especially the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Call Me Al by Niall McGrath
This nurse has just begun his retirement but the call to go back is strong. Should he follow it?
Clapton Pond by Lita Doolan
Mary a nurse in a London hospital confides in her friend Mary after a long day at work.


The Crucible 2020 by Jennifer Burke
A young woman lets off steam about her neighbours.
Lockdown Memories by Kathleen Evans
The lockdown reminds this elderly lady of hard times from her childhood



Lockdown in Camden by Rosemarie Clerkin
A daughter has an interesting conversation with her elderly mother during lockdown.
Patience by Jan Birley
A daughter is trying to set up a Zoom meeting with her elderly father, with not much luck.