New Writing: Hope and Fear

Last year we asked members of the Irish community, living in Great Britain to submit a short monologue, that reflected the hopes and fears of ordinary people, as they looked back to the ending of the hostilities in 1923 and forward to the beginnings of the Irish Free State. We then asked some actors to perform them for us.

Some people had never written before, others were experienced. We hope you enjoy them.

Here they are.

The writers and actors, in  the order that they appeared on the video are

00:00 Video Titles
00:36 “Padraig” by Micha Horgan performed by Tim Charles
04:06 “Two Leafed Shamrock” by Jim King performed by Isobel Warner
06:57 “A Good Place to Hide” by Michael O’Sullivan performed by Tracy Kearney
09:57 “A New Ireland” by Anne O’Donoghue performed by Kevin Bohan
13:08 “The View From Here” by Roger Francis performed by James Treacy
17:07 “Bridget” by Ben Price performed by Sorcha Morgan
20:04 “Forty Acres!” by Rachel O’Neill performed by Sorcha Morgan
23:33 “James” by Kieran McGregor performed by Kevin Bohan
26:21 “Beal Na Blath” by Anne Ryan performed by Tracy Kearney
29:26 “When We Are All Dead” by Kevin Kelly performed by Isobel Warner
32:49 “The 19;23” by Richard Woulfe performed by David Tarpey
37:23 “We Were There” by Chris O’Connor performed by Nora Connolly
40:55 End Credits