Mosley Must Fall by Martin McNamara

October 1936 Whitechapel.

Tensions are rising in the streets of East London as Oswald Mosley and his fascists prepare to march through the Jewish and Irish ghettos. And tensions are running high in the McEnroe household. Liam McEnroe, a damaged veteran of the Dublin Easter Rising in 1916, is determined his two sons will stay out of the fray, but the conflict and the conflicting forces of British fascism, Left wing radicals, devout Irish Catholicism and cross religious love are threatening to rip his family apart

FamilyLeft to right: Aonghus Weber, Michael Black, Kevin Bohan, Fiona Cuskelly and Mickey Mason





Lisa Lynn






Lisa Lynn


Fiona and Aongus Leg

Aonghus Weber and Fiona Cuskelly






Fiona Kevin and Lisa

Lisa Lynn., Kevin Bohan and Fiona Cuskelly





Aonghus and Kevin

Kevin Bohan and Aonghus Weber






Michael Black








Kevin and Jim

Mickey Mason and Kevin Bohan






The castThe Cast- Fiona Cuskelly, Kevin Bohan, Aonghus Weber. Mickey Mason, Michael Black and Lisa Lynn