October _Silver Sunday 2021_Postponed

Please note that this event has had to be postponed until a later date so we will not be taking part on Silver Sunday as previously planned. We do however plan to run a similar event in the coming months.

October 3rd 2021 has been nominated as Silver Sunday a day when we celebrate the achievements of the elders in our communities.

We hope to produce a video which showcases the older members of our community performing with their younger relations and friends.

Take a look at the video below- it will give you an idea of what we are looking for. It was produced for centres and clubs but we also welcome entries from individuals and families.

Interested in taking part?
Then get in contact with us  anne@irishinlondontheatre.co.uk
telling us what you are going to perform and providing us with a way of contacting you. We need this information by September 6th a the latest.

We will then then get back to you to talk you through the process of recording your piece. The first thing we will do is to have a quick chat over the phone to find out who will be taking part and what you would like to perform. We will also use this opportunity to answer any questions you might have about recording over the Zoom platform. We appreciate that this isn’t something with which everyone will be familiar.

We will then agree a time and date to have a quick ‘technical’ rehearsal. The point of this technical rehearsal is to check that the Zoom application which we will use to record your piece works with your PC or laptop. We will then take a quick peek at the room you wish to be filmed in to ensure that is sufficiently well lit so that everyone will be able to see you clearly. And if not, we can make some suggestions about how this might be remedied.

We can also do a quick ‘run through’ should you wish and provide any feedback that will be helpful for the actual recording. Finally we will agree a mutually convenient time between 22/8/21 – 18/09/21 to video the piece.

Hope that the above is helpful. Do please get in contact with me if you have any question

Thanks for your interest.