Quiz Night February 18th at 8pm

Looking for an alternative to watching television? Yes? Then why not take part in our quiz about Irish theatre and entertainment. It will take place online on Thursday February 18th 2021  at 8pm.



It’s free to enter and it will last about an hour and a bit. All you need is paper and pencil and maybe a glass of something to get the old brain cells going.

You don’t need to be a ‘theatre buff’ in order to take part because there will be questions for everyone. There’s no risk of humiliation either because you don’t have to tell us how many marks you score, unless of course you want to.

You can play along on your own or as part of a team. Your team can be living in the same house or you can join up with people in other locations.

Each team (not individual) needs to register once; unless you live in different locations, in which case each location will need to register to get access.

Click here to register to join the event.